You Stood By Me

I was approached by creeps
Stuck in a small situation
Barely got out
You stood by me

I was suffering from nostalgia
Of a bad memory
The guilt of my past
You listened to me

I was bored out of my mind
Making small talk here and there
Bad jokes and fun times
You laughed with me

I loved and laughed
Hope in my heart
Joy in my blood
You supported me

I was broken and shattered
A mess and a wreck
Emotions spilling everywhere
You comforted me

I hurt your heart
Left you with nobody else to go to
With the regret in my mind
You forgave me

I made some wrong choices
Some things I can’t undo
Another guilty moment
You helped me

You continued to stand by me
After all that we’ve been through
We became best of friends
I love you


A hopeful and hopeless romantic willing to share insight and art.

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