Valentine’s Day Is Not A Day About Couples

Every year, on February 14th, there is a certain group of people who are deeply reminded of a past year’s heartbreak, and every year a new set of heartbreaks occur. Or maybe people are reminded of love they think they will never have. Meanwhile, another group of people couldn’t be happier with their partner. There is a huge divide here, and I think we as a society and as human beings should rethink the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.

Modern society, it seems, has made Valentine’s Day a holiday that only couples celebrate. Valentine’s Day should not only be a day of celebrating romantic relationships, but also a day of acceptance, gratefulness, and platonic love. A lot of people tend to turn towards anger and hate after a rejection or ended relationship. Anger is more often than not a direct result of confusion. We hate others because it makes us feel better about ourselves. We don’t know what other emotion to feel, and hate is the easiest one to turn to. Be grateful for what past relationships taught you and accept your current or future partner for who they are.

And to those people who turn towards depression after heartbreak, consider this: Allow yourself to be sad, but never allow it to ruin who you are. Never allow it to affect your ability to give love. Your heart may be broken, but just like spring flowers, it will grow back after the winter has passed.

This is exactly why I think Valentine’s Day should be such an important holiday. It should remind us to never stop loving people romantically and platonically, for the moment that we stop loving others, is the moment we lose our humanity. It’s what makes us unique.
Don’t let this holiday bring back your depression or anger from a year old heartbreak. Let it show you that your future is filled with hope. Don’t become angry or jealous when you see a couple being romantic on Valentine’s Day. You just haven’t found the right person yet, and that’s okay. Someone is going to love every part of you one day, and for some, it takes longer than others. There are many Valentine’s Days after this one.

Valentine’s Day is and always will be a day celebrating the most powerful emotion humans possess. It may only come once a year, but the other 364 days are just as important. Whether you’re alone this holiday, or with a partner, take some time to be grateful for what you have, and always remember that you are loved.

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Is Not A Day About Couples”

  1. You really opened my eyes there when you said “[Valentine’s Day] should remind us to never stop loving people romantically and platonically…” I have never had a Valentine for Valentine’s Day, but this holiday is my favorite by far, and I never knew why until you put it into words. Sure, sometimes I get sad, but more often than not, I am filled with hope when I see other couples together. Everyone loves a good love story and I am an avid fan of those love stories I get to see in real life, knowing that my day will come, and in the mean time, I can show friends and family how much I care. I can find other people to love, or I can devote a thought to a past partner and wish them well. The love should never stop, especially on Valentine’s Day.

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