The Violinist

Warning: The following post contains implications of abduction. The message is positive and I have kept the content PG-13. However, if this kind of content makes you significantly uncomfortable, you may not want to read this.

Halloween 2015 held a crisp chill in the air, but Julie’s living room was cozy, space heaters roaring and the couch heavy-laden with fleece blankets. That was where the young teenager took her station, eyes on her flat-screen TV, but ears pricked for the doorbell. It was her duty to distribute candy to trick-or-treaters, but she felt it was equally important to catch up on the latest episode of Doctor Who. She had the perfect set-up, and her TARDIS dress was icing on the cake.

Although she could count every alien that made an appearance, she took no note of the guests on her doorstep.

Little did she realize that someone had certainly taken note of her.

The next week, Julie was following her usual routine of laying back in bed, scrolling through her phone. She had no one to text, no one to call, no one to tag in a Facebook post. This was why Julie was just as surprised as her mother was when she announced, “Some guy is at the door and wants to see you. He has a…violin?”

Sheepishly making her way to the front door, Julie wondered who this person could possibly be. She didn’t know anyone from the high school orchestra – she wasn’t even a part of orchestra. Come to think of it, she hadn’t really spoken to any guys outside of her Theatre class, all of whom her mother would have recognized. Julie couldn’t deny her curiosity, but she couldn’t deny her panic either, as her hand shakily twisted the doorknob.

The door opened to reveal a skinny young man in an oversized polo, his kaki shorts sagging ever so slightly, his shaven head glistening in the light which filtered through the overcast sky. Sure enough, there was the violin, propped up on his shoulder. Julie had never seen a violin like it. It appeared to be plastic, and white, and significantly more hollow than the average violin. Was there such a thing as an electric violin? Julie did not know, but what she did know was…this was quite daunting.

“Hi,” he greeted, grinning from ear to ear. He jumped right into it. “Four words.”

Julie blinked in confusion. “What?”

“Four words,” he repeated. Then he gestured, pointing at himself, then at the girl in the doorway.

Just as she was about to answer, “You and me?” Julie stopped herself…that wasn’t four words. What was this guy getting at? “Uhh…”

“Wait…how old are you?”

Ah yes. The age-old question. Most people merely assumed the girl was quite a bit younger than she actually was. Could it be that this man assumed she was quite a bit older? “I’m 16.”

“Oh good! I got scared you were 12 for a second there.” Ew.

“Yeah, most people think that,” the girl chuckled nervously. “How old are you?”

“19 in May. Anyway. Back to the riddle. Four words.” He repeated the same gesture, pointing at himself, then at the girl. Finally, he lifted his bow and glided it along the surface of his violin. A familiar melody echoed around the pair. These were the upbeat, adventurous notes from the song “I am the Doctor,” one of the many masterpieces from the Doctor Who soundtrack. The fangirl inside of Julie was thoroughly delighted, and the teenager was impressed by this man’s skill. She became so lost in the man’s music, that her nerves were beginning to settle. This was merely a fellow fan, a potential friend she had something in common with, someone who wished to share his love of Doctor Who with someone else.

The song ended, and the man returned to the riddle, which Julie had completed forgotten about. “So, four words. You have them yet?”

Julie brought herself back to reality and pondered for a moment…but there wasn’t a single four-word sentence that she could come up with. She was blank.

The man was getting impatient, and quite rudely rolled his eyes at her.

He pointed at her. “You.”

He pointed at himself. “Me.”

He strummed a few notes from the same song on his violin. “Doctor Who.”

………wha??? “You…want to watch Doctor Who…with me?”

“Yeah!” he exclaimed excitedly. “I live just down the street. Wanna come over some time? I have a Netflix. We can binge Doctor Who all day if you want to.”

Alarm shot through Julie. She’d heard of these exact circumstances before, not to mention the fact that this was during the “Netflix and Chill” period. Plus, this man was way too old for her, at that age at least. Yet, she refused in the way that a girl is expected to, for fear that this man was of the purest intentions. “Uh, I’ll have to see what my parents think first.”

“Sure. Just give me a call some time.” He reached into one of his pockets and handed her a torn piece of notebook paper. On it, his name and phone number were scribbled. “Any time you wanna watch Doctor Who with someone, I’m down.”

“Sounds great!” she lied, then backed herself into her house. “Anyway, I gotta go now, so I’ll see ya.”

“See ya!”

The door was shut. The ordeal was over, much to Julie’s relief.

The following two Saturdays, a bag of donut holes would arrive on Julie’s doorstep, each with an obscure Doctor Who reference scribbled on the cheap white paper. Yet, Julie would not be tempted.

Perhaps if this was the 1950’s, the gesture would be much more accepted. But this was the period of Netflix of Chill, and if it was the 50’s, Doctor Who wouldn’t have been around.

Readers, beware. Things are not always what they seem. Trust your gut.


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