The Most Important Date

There’s a pretty famous saying that goes along the lines of “you can’t love someone until you love yourself”. I stand strongly by this quote, which is why my first ever post will be about the most important dates you can have: the dates with yourself.

I often tell those I care about that they have to remember to treat themselves. I think this is so important. Before you approach someone you have a crush on, before you make important decisions, before you do anything during stressful times – remember to stop, breathe, and treat yourself. How can we expect to be able to find the love of our lives, to do decent work or to even do the most mundane things if we can’t even take one minute out of our day to shower ourselves with love?

And now you might ask “But I don’t have the money to treat myself” or any other excuse to not take yourself out on a decent date. Well, let me enlighten you young grasshopper: There are so many ways to take yourself on a date. Treating yourself can be as simple as taking a minute to breathe and just relax before you continue whatever you were doing. It can be to take a longer shower than you usually would, to watch your favorite tv-show either by yourself or with someone who has a positive influence on you. It can be to go back to some hobbies you haven’t had the time to do for a while. 10 minutes of drawing, 10 minutes on Duolingo to learn a language? Whatever it is, spend some time each day doing something that you find fun.

It’s about appreciating the smaller things in life, like getting yourself a cup of coffee while listening to music. Anything that makes YOU feel good. If this involves other people, go for it. But remember to do something that makes you feel better about who you are, and about your daily life. After taking time off to love yourself, you’ll begin to notice that you feel better. And when you feel better, you are better at taking on new tasks in life. Suddenly, approaching your crush won’t be AS nervewrecking (it might still be nervewrecking, but at least you can feel better about yourself afterwards for having the courage to do it).

So guys – my first post, and my most important advice and mantra in life: Remember to treat yourself. The most important date you can ever go on is with yourself!


I'm here because I really like to write. Other than that I'm a media student in uni, I like to believe I'm hilarious (at least I make my self laugh) and I love coffee.

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