The Baker

Once upon a time there was a baker
His bread was most warm and delicious
Every day his shop filled with life from his customers
But there was one who caught his attention
Her eyes sparkled at the sight of his art
Her tongue brushed across her lips at the sight of his bread
With a wave of his hand, he beckons her
And offers her a slice to taste
Her eyes light up with joy
A taste like none before
She looks up and asks for more
He offers the price and a lit up smile
Then her face goes dark
As her hands move to her empty pockets
She shakes her head with sorrow
He nods his head in understanding
He watches her turn and leave
Then goes to tend to the others
She looks back one more time
And sees him as if she was never there


A hopeful and hopeless romantic willing to share insight and art.

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2 thoughts on “The Baker”

  1. I think it would’ve been a great addition if he said he’d pay for the bread for her or even buy her some or something

    1. The poem was a metaphor for a relationship of mine. He drew me in. He gave me a taste of his kindness. Then when I wanted more, he helped other people and was able to move on. The girl in the poem didn’t need the bread. She just wanted it.

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