Love Last Longer

Everything I write here all comes from my heart
You never have to worry because I will always do my part
I want you to read this when you feel low and shoved
It’s here for you to know that you are loved

The things we’ve done we can not rewind
We can only make the best of now and plan for the future
The past is history. The future is a mystery
But this moment is a gift. That’s why we call it the present
While those are not my words, they still mean the same
But I believe the future won’t be such a mystery
Because I know we’ll be happy living in harmony together

Even when you don’t need me, I will give you the space you need
And will wait impatiently without concede
Because the foundations we created; they were built to last
And I will keep rebuilding long after my time has past
I swear if you stay forever I’ll do so many amazing things
So that our love will not sever, because you deserve what love brings

There are things that separate us both physically and mentally
But no matter how far we are, our love will keep us close
The world I’ve seen is harsh. It’s no place for an angel like you
While I know you can take care of yourself, we’ve both seen what people can do
I said I make promises I can’t keep, but I know this one is true
That you will be safe here with me no matter what we go through
And I know we’re still young and we may have different dreams
But my life with you is the one I’ve seen

There’s much sadness in this world, but there’s an equal amount of happiness
And I believe you are my happiness because when I’m without you
All I have is sadness.
But I still try my best to be the happiness for you.
And I know this won’t be easy. Long distance wasn’t meant to be easy
But I’d rather live my life knowing you are by my side

You are the rainbow that comes after the rain
A perfectly crafted emerald that never ceases to amaze
All the mesmerizing colors make you a cutie (;
But all the colors in the world isn’t enough to draw your beauty
Some things in love seem so far away. We can not wait to meet
But you are already here, already in my heart forever
I know we make mistakes. I’ve made enough to push people away
But the mistakes we create make us better every day

As we sit here separated
Not knowing of what’s to come
The love we created had an amazing outcome
And I want you to know it never has to end
Because as we grow, the problems we amend
And the times we share, it will make us stronger
Because we as a pair will make our love last longer

I love you not only for who you are
But for what I am when I’m with you
Thank you for believing in me
When no one else would

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