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It is the first ever anniversary of the Hopeful Romantics server, and there is one person who has made it the home it is. Mari is the administrator who has poured her heart and soul into this lovely community. She’s done everything from funding to creating an awesome bot, but most importantly, we value her dedication, leadership, and friendship. Below are responses from a handful of Hopeful Romantics users. Enjoy!

Blush #4199

Dear Mari,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating Hopeful Romantics. It’s a community that I have always wanted to be a part of, one that is supportive and understanding, loving and caring. I’ve met the best people through this server, and it’s such a wonderful place to help someone find their way when they’re lost.

I’ve witnessed people go from feeling completely and utterly defeated and hopeless, to finding the love and happiness that they have always dreamt of! And it’s all thanks to this server, this community, that encourages them to believe that love is real, that love is true and that love is somewhere out there for all of us.

You are the most selfless and kind individual that I have ever had the honour to even be associated with! I hope that Hopeful Romantics will continue to grow, not only in numbers, but also in love and happiness. May this first anniversary spark a plethora of many more great people, joyous memories and beautiful friendships!

Love, Blush.


Roses are red,

Butterflies roam.

You’ve given us

A second home.

Rose is a blessing,

Watching us close.

If love is medicine,

You are a dose!

Thank you for making your dream a reality for all of us! We will always cherish you and what you do!

With much love,


Dear Mari.

At first I didn’t expect much of this server. I was looking for a place to find people with a similar appreciation for love and the role it plays in our lives. Through the brief time that I have been a part of this community, I have felt nothing short of a powerful sense of belonging.

Through the good times and the bad, I find myself increasingly drawn to the stories that unfold; and the people that reside in this little corner on the internet. It has been a great pleasure in my life and I am undeniably excited for what the future may bring for us all.

Thank you.

For your time and effort in sculpting this home for people to gather and grow together.

For being understanding and helpful, when problems may arise or when doubt is apparent.

And most importantly, thank you, for being you.

Yours Truly;

🆂🆃🅴🆅🅴🅽 [Psyphage]

Nyx God Of Night#1395


Mine won’t be as good as others are but your amazing, you’ve made an amazing server, and it’s great. Keep up the amazing work. You’re awesome!

Dear Mari.

Not long have I been a member of Hopeful Romantics, its barely been a month and already have I gotten insight to your creation and what it does and has done for people.

I joined absolutely heartbroken and crushed, tail between my legs looking for other kind people I could talk to, and it was then in my search I found the radiating solace that is Hopeful Romantics.

People here listen to anyone’s emotions or difficulties in life while offering sympathy, comfort and their view on the situation. Not only that but in general it is a place of good fun, chatting about anything, genderbend waves and much more; a place where people can come together to get a smile on their face away from everyday struggles of life!

One month it has been, but this place has already aided me in pulling myself together and staying strong to overcome this difficult time for me, for that I will be forever thankful to you.

I may not know you all too well, but this creation and dream of yours truly shows how amazing of a person you are, I wish you the best onwards as an individual and as the bearer of your dream that is Hopeful Romantics!



Dear Mari,

Happy first anniversary! ☆

You’ve build a lovely community around Hopeful Romantics and you should be proud of your achievements. Keep your head up, I know you’ll realize that dream of yours.



Howdy ho Mari

Just wanted to say that this place is the most wholesome and welcome server ever, and I wanted to thank everyone who works so hard to keep it this way! It is one of the safest places that I can come to and cheer myself up and ask for help from a lot of amazing people and become friends with them!

So keep it up you guys! And thanks again.

Your’s truly,

Hey, Mari!

Happy First Anniversary! Thank you for being the guiding light in our troubled seas, and the guardian angel to our best of times.

Over the past few months that I have been here, you have cultured a strong bond between us all.

In the worst of times, this community has been there for me. In the best, it’s been a place of splendour. I have been able to contribute to bringing smiles and happiness within people’s lives everyday. We have all grown tremendously over the past year in which the community has become what many of us can call our sanctuary! You have mastered a feat that many of us could only dream of, while creating a worldwide family!

Love, GrandpaRick#4069

To Mari,

I salute you, my good friend! You have done more to be an active, helpful, and considerate admin than any other admin I have seen on any other Discord server. The truth is… you actually care. And because your heart is in the right place, your actions have blossomed forth and caused the creation of the Hopeful Romantics. This server… it’s your brainchild. You are the one making constant tweaks to Rose and keeping everything under control. You’re the one behind the scenes, but you are also the first one to make a move and set an example for the other Romantics to follow after.

You’re a great person, Mari. Thank you for the awesome puzzle game I got to participate in. That was a masterstroke of a game. Truly genius. And thank you for allowing me to be more involved in the server as a Welcomer. I hope I can continue to do my best to serve you and my fellow Romantics in the future coming days. Anyway, with all that said, just know that I wouldn’t want any other person captaining this Love Boat of a Discord Server. Thank you, Mari… thank you so much. <3

Yours Truly,

Pepsiman AKA Craig


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