Because of You

Because of you, I made a friend
A kind of love, that would never end
You made me laugh and you made me smile
A kind of joy that would last a while

Because of you, I found my worth
You showed my my value, my place on the earth
You spoke in a way that I adore
I felt the affection like none before

Because of you, I fell in love
You gave me your heart, or a part thereof
The feeling grew stronger each day
We wouldn’t have it any other way

Because of you, I craved your company
Your words and thoughts seemed better than any
My heart and emotions would endlessly dance
In response to this great romance

Because of you my sadness ceased
My pain and sorrow were gladly released
I wanted to hold on to you forever
You won my heart, a proud endeavour

Because of you, this didn’t last long
Not until she came along
You helped her in a way you would have helped me
Because of your words, you set her free

Because of you, we had to say goodbye
You left me for someone, needier than I
My loneliness would increase when we were apart
There wasn’t anything in the world that could fix my broken heart.

Because of you, I was in pain
Every moment, my emotions went insane
My eyes filled with tears and I would cry
The world seemed cruel and I didn’t know why

Because of you, all hope seemed lost
I loving you had a terrible cost
I saw you and her talking each day
So I tried to avoid you, so I wouldn’t be in the way

Because of you, you found her lie
She hasn’t been talking so you found out why
All that she said was fake and untrue
You apologized to me and we could start anew

Because of you, we became good friends
You were able to help me again
Although we still loved each other, we couldn’t be together
The past and the present kept us apart forever

Because of you, I was fooled
I thought to move on, my pain seemed cooled
I hoped, I hurt, I felt regret
You were there to be my net

Because of you, I still want you in my arms
Holding you and feeling your warmth
I would feel secure and safe
While you wouldn’t be in any other place

Because of you, a mark was left
You presence and your warmth, I knew I was blessed
And as we part, I will keep our memory
Inside my heart, the valued treasury

If you see me now, I am okay
I wouldn’t be the person I am today
My feelings for you are still intact and true
I loved and I learned, because of you


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2 thoughts on “Because of You”

  1. Wow. When I read the first part, I thought this would be a sweet poem and to be honest, I clicked away because I was reminded of a past love, and it was bittersweet. I decided to read “I remember,” and after that one had a twist to it, I was intrigued to get more details. So I came back to this and I am truly amazed. Your words are simple, your sentences are brief, but you thoroughly convey the experience almost in real time with real emotions; in other words, your poetry took me away from the present and caused me to reflect on a very similar, emotionally powerful experience. You’re not only going places, you’re taking people places too!

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