Month: October 2019

A Change of Heart

I can’t walk without falling I can’t laugh withought crying I can’t fix without breaking I can’t try without failing I always mess up when I try I always hurt people when I talk I always don’t get thing done on time I always forget what I’m doing I’m not good with words I’m not …

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Like You

I wanna be like you Laughing, smiling, praying Good, smart, happy Something to look forward to I want a life like you Supportive, caring and wise family A direction in life and a way to go Surrounded by hope I want a mind like you Driven, motivated Wisdom beyond anything I’ve seen Ever so mature …

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The Baker

Once upon a time there was a baker His bread was most warm and delicious Every day his shop filled with life from his customers But there was one who caught his attention Her eyes sparkled at the sight of his art Her tongue brushed across her lips at the sight of his bread With …

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You Stood By Me

I was approached by creeps Stuck in a small situation Barely got out You stood by me I was suffering from nostalgia Of a bad memory The guilt of my past You listened to me I was bored out of my mind Making small talk here and there Bad jokes and fun times You laughed …

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